Orientation Trimester 1

At IGI, Orientation is when all our new students are introduced to the many distinct aspects of student life. It is about adjusting to the world of higher education and getting used to your new learning environment.

Here, at IGI, Orientation starts the week before the classes formally start. We aim to offer our students a wide range of valuable information sessions, experiences, and advice. It is about introducing ourselves and the institution to you, letting you know our expectations of you as an IGI student, and providing you with the opportunity to ask us questions in person.

What is our Orientation Day about, and what do students learn?

Orientation is one of the significant events at IGI; it is our orientation and social connection day, and it is held on campus. During that day, students will learn about their classes and get familiar with the campus. All the students can check out where their classes will be held. They will check out all our great facilities and learn where to access help and who from.

Meeting new people can be daunting, so this is an amazing opportunity for students to meet with their fellow students who share similar interests and experiences and our very friendly staff. You will also learn how to get involved in various student activities. During Orientation, students can also ask questions about their classes.

At IGI, we pride ourselves on having a friendly and inclusive campus. You will feel included. On the contrary, we are working extremely hard to create all the necessary things so that you will not feel like that even if you are away from home. We are continually striving to create an extremely inclusive community where everyone will feel at home and where you are encouraged to.

What to do if you miss our campus Orientation?

Orientation at IGI is mandatory; however, we appreciate that there will be a lot of information, so we have ensured that you will also have access to all PowerPoint slides used. This allows you to refer to all the information covered at Orientation. Additionally, there are student support and transition modules on your Moodle (which form part of the Orientation) which cover areas such as:

  • What students can expect at IGI and higher education study – our pedagogical philosophy and approach.
  • Motivation and purpose advice for new students
  • Wellbeing and Life Balance.
  • Developing Your Academic Skills – incorporating resources and support from IGI

How do you prepare for Orientation?

Simply bring your laptops and any letters or emails from IGI with you, and ensure you are on time. We will look after the rest!