Student Wellbeing and Safety

Counselling services

At the International Graduate Institute, we provide student counselling to improve our students’ wellbeing and help them reach their potential during their studies.

Ensuring the development and success of our students is a cornerstone of our commitment at IGI. Recognizing that academic excellence goes hand in hand with emotional and personal wellbeing, we have curated a comprehensive service called IHEARU. This program is meticulously designed to enhance our students’ overall wellbeing and empower them to reach their full potential throughout their academic journey.

IHEARU serves as a compassionate support system for students seeking guidance, providing them with the invaluable opportunity to engage with a dedicated counsellor who can equip them with tools to navigate the various challenges they may encounter. Whether it be cultural adjustments, language learning hurdles, emotional wellbeing, conflict resolution, or stress management, our program encompasses a wide array of areas to address the diverse needs of our student body.

How to access the Service

Booking a session with IHEARU is an easy process. Students can utilize our online booking system to secure a face-to-face appointment with our counsellor, on campus (Fridays) or online. There are flyers around the campus displaying the WR code to book an appointment. Once a booking is made, our counsellor receives a notification, ensuring a prompt and personalized response.

Please note that each student is entitled to a maximum of four counselling sessions, allowing for a focused and quick intervention tailored to individual needs.

At IGI, we believe that investing in student wellbeing is an investment in their academic success. Through IHEARU, we aim to create a supportive and nurturing environment that empowers students to overcome challenges and thrive during their educational journey.

External services and resources

Some of the external services and resources available (including in languages other than English) are listed below.

Online safety

Esafety is Australia’s independent regulator for online safety. The Esafety commissioner website includes information that can help you have safe and enjoyable experiences online by providing guidance on specific online safety issues including: cyberbullying, adult cyber abuse, image-based abuse, and technology-related concerns for people at risk of family or domestic violence.