International Graduate Institute, or IGI, is a subsidiary of IH Sydney Training Services Pty Ltd, a leading provider of English-language, career-focused vocational education, and Teacher Training in Australia. With an affiliation of more than 26 years with the prestigious International House World Organisation, we have a rich history in providing high quality education and successful professional outcomes for students from around the world.

Our aim for International Graduate Institute is to continue building educational excellence and success by providing students with future-focused higher education programs.

At the International Graduate Institute, we are crafting the future of education by fostering the next generation of global leaders. As a fresh force in the educational sector, we offer dynamic and globally attuned programs in Business Management, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, equipped to guide you in carving out a successful trajectory in the modern professional landscape.

The International Graduate Institute is committed to ensuring our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to become highly successful in their fields of study as well as outstanding global citizens of the future. Our story is your story, and we welcome you to explore our course offerings to learn more about how we can help you achieve your educational and professional goals.

Central location

Our Sydney campus is centrally located, offering our students the convenience of public transport, shops and essential services within walking distance from the campus.

Academic excellence

We offer meticulously crafted courses in Business Management, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, each designed to empower you to forge a successful career in your chosen field.

Trimester study model

All IGI courses are delivered in a blended learning mode, including face-to-face delivery and online learning supported by a Moodle learning management platform. There are three (3) distinct study periods scheduled throughout the year to facilitate student success. Each trimester or study period consists of eleven (11) teaching weeks and two (2) examination weeks.

Student support

Our friendly student services team is committed to supporting the students every step of the way throughout their journey, to ensure they get the best experience and make the most of their studies.