Fees and Payments


We provide our students with accurate and timely information about all tuition and non-tuition fees and charges associated with their studies, due dates, payment options and refunds. This information is provided via the Letter of Offer-Agreement and this webpage. Students are given as much notice as possible when fees may be subject to change.

  • Students are advised to read the Student Fees Policy, the Refund Policy and Refund Procedure to understand their fees, related requirements, and circumstances for claiming and receiving refunds. These policies are published on the website, on the Policies and Procedure page.
  • All fees are subject to annual reviews and may increase for each year of your study, effective at the start of each calendar year. Updated indicative fees will be published annually.
  • Fees are payable per study period, before the start date, and the amounts vary according to the number of units the student is enrolled in.
  • Students experiencing difficulties paying their fees due to financial hardship are advised to contact the Student Services team as soon as possible and before payment due dates, to avoid incurring penalties.


Promotions and High Achievers’ scholarships available (T&C apply).

Course name CRICOS Course Code Indicative 2024 annual fee (AUD) Indicative total course tuition fee (AUD)*
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 112715M $17,200 $51,600
Bachelor of Digital Marketing 112716K $17,200 $51,600
Bachelor Business Management 112717J $17,200 $51,600
Associate Degree of Business Management 112718H $17,200 $34,400
Diploma of Business Management 112719G $17,200 $17,200


Item Amount
Enrolment fee $250
Recognition of Prior Learning Fee (after enrolment finalised)  $300
Testamur/transcript re-issuance fee $50
Re-issuance of a CoE $50
Unit re-assessment fee $100
Change of course administration fee $100
Late payment fee $100
Withdrawal fee $250
Student ID card reissuance $5


We aim to provide our students with the best possible experience when studying with us. We have multiple payment options so that you can choose what best suits. Students who wish to make payment with an alternate method are advised to contact our Student Services team for advice and other fee-related questions they may have.

International Graduate Institute provides Master and Visa cards, as our payment options.

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