Apply Now

How to apply

The application process is described below: 

Step 1. Complete the online Application form.

Step 2. Provide certified* copies of supporting documents: academic transcripts and certificates translated into English; evidence of English language proficiency; passport and visa (if applicable). 

Step 3. Complete the GTE form (if applicable). Your agent** will advise you if this step is required.

Step 4. IGI will assess the application and will notify you in writing of the outcome. If your application is successful you will receive a Letter of Offer. 

Step 5. Read the Letter of Offer carefully, to understand all the details, including the terms and conditions. To accept the offer, you must sign the offer acceptance and return it to us together with the required payment as specified in the Letter of Offer. 

Step 6. International applicants will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) which is required to apply for a student visa.

*Documents can be certified by a Public Notary, Justice of the Peace, Australian Embassy or Consulate, IGI representative, or authorised education agent.

**If you are an international applicant you may apply through an education agent. To find an IGI approved education agent in your area, please see the list of education agents.