Orientation Trimester 2

Last week, the IGI team warmly welcomed back lecturers and our trimester 1, February starters, who enjoyed a well-earned break. It was also a pleasure to meet and chat with our newest cohort of students who came together for the first time at their orientation sessions on 23 and 24 May.

In a recent email to all students, I reiterated our commitment to supporting them every step of the way and congratulated them on completing their first week at IGI. After sitting in a few classes, I believe the students have already learned some useful information and that there first few weeks have been enjoyable. As someone who has worked in the higher education industry since moving to Australia in 2003, I am know that our lecturers are among the best in the world. They know their subjects and have real-world business experience, but most importantly, they are caring, good people who want to see their students succeed in their studies and beyond.  IGI staff are here to help students, answer questions, give feedback, and provide ongoing support as needed and we take our roles and responsibilities very seriously.

The only thing we ask of IGI students is what they have already committed to:

  • Turn up to class and be on time.
  • Participate actively in the class – ask questions and be engaged.
  • Make sure you complete the work that our lecturers have set for you


I assure our students that by adhering to three simple practices, success will be theirs. Our institution is committed to fostering collaboration to ensure students enjoy their educational journey and gain the skills needed to succeed. Time will swiftly move forward, but our support will remain steadfast. Of course, students’ efforts also affect results. We treat our students with respect, as adults, and expect reciprocity. Punctuality, engagement in studies, and full commitment are excellent ways to reciprocate the respect our lecturers demonstrate. Presence in class, and refraining from social media and phone use, signals this respect.

During Orientation, I emphasised my belief that transitioning to higher education is a profoundly rewarding experience that students will remember fondly. At graduation, I will invite them to reflect on their knowledge before joining IGI and the insights they have gained. This will amaze them and fill them with pride.

As this is a significant transition, we offer a Transition and Student Support module on our Moodle platform, located under “Student Resources.” This module provides an overview of what to expect, tips for navigating this new phase, and includes valuable advice from individuals who have previously been in the shoes of our new students. A mandatory requirement is that students must complete this module by census.

Dr. Alexander Paul Roper
Dean, International Graduate Institute